Hi, I am a Storyteller.

Weddings are one of my favorite shoots to do. They are full of love, excitement, and tears (of joy, of course). Weddings are well thought out but they take a long time to plan. There's so many things that have to be decided (usually by the Bride), from decorations, center pieces, textures, materials, types of flowers, food. What colors will you use? How many brides maids & groomsmen will you have? So much goes into a Wedding! What type of cake, how many layers do you need, how many guest are on your list? But in the end, everything comes together & the only thing that matters is that you & your future spouse say I do & the bands are exchanged! Then there's me, (the Photographer) I'm there lurking & hiding in the crowd. My flash glares at you every time you turn in a new direction or do something different. Bobbing in & out of isles, ducking & hiding behind people, plants & decorations. I'm there snapping those images so that I can tell YOUR story through my camera & lens.


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